Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Blitzkrieg

The Eiffel Tower is already in their sight. They have scented blood and are moving in for the kill. In a week's time, they would come with guns-ablazing, and we would know our fate. Resistance is almost futile now. A 5 week onslaught have totally caught us by surprise, and left us bereft of manpower, time, resources and food. Extremely low on morale, the soldiers are bordering on mutiny. Some divisions are even deserting their positions. What's worse, the trail of defeats has left confidence totally shattered. We are only fighting on adrenalin, fighting only because red blood still courses through our veins. The citizens are engulfed in a myriad of emotions, ranging from the defiant, to the fearful, to the desperate, to resentment, and now resignation. Fate is no longer in our hands. The Maginot Line--our sentinel, our saviour, our fortress, which we have painstakingly built up over the past year, has turned out to be a just another cruel illusion. It was never enough. We were totally out of our depth, totally outplayed, out maneuvered, out-thought, and out-fought and now we face the consequences of our CARELESS mis-steps. We only have ourselves to blame for the dire state we find ourselves in. But now is no longer the time to talk of recriminations. The hour has cometh. Make a last-ditch stand. Recall the spirit of Verdun. Fight till the last drop of blood is shed. Fight to reclaim our dignity. Ils ne passeront pas. Hollow words they shall remain to be unless we take ACTION!

June 2 1940

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