Monday, July 10, 2006

SuperCool says...

...with a shrug of his Gallic shoudlers, "It's football, isn't it? When a game goes to penalties you have to accept it. It's the way things are sometimes."

Saturday, July 01, 2006


No bravado talks, no sneering, no juvenile talking down like the boys from Spain, the Brazilian coach Carlos Parreira only has a venerable air of respect for France. In fact, he got it spot on with his quiet observations --'Our rivals are no ordinary team, they were world champions.'

'We know what awaits us,' he continues. 'They are in no hurry to play their game, they play with a certain calmness and suddenly explode with a fast manoeuvre.'

His words carry a certain aroma of ancient wisdom, notably from China, when Sun Tze decreed elegantly in his Art of War:

知己知彼, 百戰百勝

Tersely intepreted as Know thyself, know thy enemy, a hundred battles won, will France perish by the Brazilian sword of wisdom?