Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Liverpool?

Why, of all things, would I fall in love with a perennial loser like Liverpool? There was no denial the stinging mockery in the question often posed to me, after yet another disastrous English League result.

Yes, it's been torturous, even downright maddening at times. In Gerard Houllier's time, you wished you could spin him like a gyroscope after yet another "corner turned". Could we also rotate Benitez somehow, churning his innards inside out after yet another rotational policy that backfired? But some things are inexplicable, much like how we struggle to explain away romantic love. When things got so dark that you think God had switched off the lights at Anfield, The Cheeky One switched it on again with something like this:

Hapless against Barnsley, imperious against Inter Milan (check out the cross-field passes--sublime!) there is simply no team, not even France, like Liverpool. Stay away from Liverpool if you prefer the mundane, but if you happen to enjoy a bit of unpredictability in your life, hop onto this rollercoaster. But don't ask me where it's taking us. I don't have a clue!