Monday, May 16, 2005

Blogging is addictive!

Immediately after viewing my first post, I got this un-explainable adrenalin which forces me to post again.
Wonder if this email to some colleagues would work perfectly fine as a blog entry in itself.

Random Soccer Musings

the most often heard sentence in soccer commentary season they (the relegated team) will face Mansfield in place of Manchester, Crewe in place of Chelsea, and Luton in place of( saw it coming miles away. But for the record, its LIVERPOOL! Yes, Liverpool is officially a big club which any other self-respecting teams would die to play with. But of coz, they are after all the Champion's Champions, come end of May). Ok, my grouge is this:why can't commentators be slightly more creative? At least pick words which actually "Swansea" for Chelsea.

Pity Fowler, condemning his club and his best fren Macca to a European-less season... Last minute penalty for man City, and he kicked it like Beckham...poor and predictable. Actually Macca doesn't care. He's been warming the benches all the way from Spain to England. Oh...I think he's not even in the teamsheet nowadays. He's lost his right to warm benches. fallen idol.

the celebration scenes at West Bromwich Albion was simply astonishing. Thewhole pitch was flooded with supporters in a never-seen-before sight on TV. How thrilling to finish 17th! YEA!!!!! Even Chelsea's fans never celebrate until like dat. One would think that it would be better to finish 17thrather than 1st.

West Bromwich Albion is actually pronounced West Bromwee Chiao Bien. The French Liaision at work! I love languages with liaisions, which was partly why I like French. Heard from a colleague Tamil is another language full of liaisions. I tested her with some Tamil of my own ."Yuan-de-bu-nen-na!", and true enough, she din understand a word of it. So she's juz bullshitting.

Winning Eleven on PC is realli damn shiok. Graphics are unfortunately much better than the playstation2. ( PC 1 Playstation 0 Mac -9999) It was $800 well spent! It would be very very very very very difficult for me to get out of my house ever again. Unless of course, my boss is not on leave and I have to report for work.

And lastly, this is an official invite to ES the trophy girlfriend to join the trophy girlfriends gang that Mediacorp Djs bring along with them. You can always sit around looking pretty while admiring the footwork of Glenn, me, Daniel and Mark.

So? I get to rub shoulders with celebrities. I get girls coming off the street saying "I love you" to me. And I get fellow bus passengers trying to stab each other with pen-knives on a Monday morning bus to work. That's my life...the life nobody believes.

Wah! 8:00pm! Going home liao lor! Once again, kudoes to blogging!


finally joined the blogging bandwagon. Its inevitable i guess. It's not the fact that every other first -degree friends you have is a blogger. It's not the fact that you have to be one to earn the right to speak in their blogs. It's almost, but not the fact that you can spout bullshit in a perfectly legitimate manner. Its when SM actually signed up for it, that it finally hits you on the head. SM, one of the truly laziest guys I have the pleasure of knowing, is now a proud owner of a corner in blogspot! I must be missing something big in this world. Something monumental.

So what famous first words do I have? Er....."What the fuck?"