Thursday, January 05, 2006

FI RH Training (Bar 5-12)

Started the speed training first. Bar 5-12.

At Speed 100, I was relatively comfortable. Save for Bar 8, and Bar 12, which showed slight uneveniess.

At 120, bar 5 and 12 shows slight weakness, esp 12.

At 130, all the cracks showed up.
Bar 5-6: note the D#-C#-D#-C#
Bar 7: D#-F# descending clique
Bar 8: grouped in tada-tada
bar 9-10: same problems as 5-6
bar 12: very poor. the tada-tada clique ruled the day here.

Overall general weakness shown in 1st finger over thumn, e.g Bar 7 and 8.

One method to annihilate cliques: practice the offending notes in all combinations, the more awkward, the better.
e.g. Bar 12, in the heavily cliqued group of (E-D#)-(G#-A#),
I cycled through at E-G#-D#-A# as much and as fast as possible, then followed by D#-G#-E-A#.
Hopefully I can see results tomorrow.

One thing of note: Play with MINIMAL STRESS at all times!

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